“Gizil’s Virtual Plant Offering: A step-by-step Digitalization Roadmap towards a full integrated Digital Twin of an Existing Plant” – Gizil GmbH


• Digital Technical Documentation and 1D/ 2D Data Migration to one CAE/CAD Platform
• 3D Visualization of the Existing Plant
• 1D/2D/3D Data Integration throughout the Asset Lifecycle
• Utilization of Virtual/ Digital Plant along the Brownfield CapEx Project Management
• Case Study

Wer sollte den Vortrag hören? Gizil’s target audience comprises business owners, industrial facilities’ managers, and engineering professionals looking to advance the digital transformation of industrial facilities. We particularly cater to those interested in creating a digital twin of their existing plant to enhance operational efficiency. Additionally, we appeal to facility owners and managers in need of reality capture and detailed industrial engineering solutions.

Hinweis: Die Präsentation findet auf Englisch statt. / The presentation will be held in english.

Über das Start-Up: GIZIL, a leading industrial engineering and construction service provider. The innovative digital twin solution offered by GIZIL encompasses reality capture, processing, modeling, metadata integration, gamification, and analytics. The unique cloud-based technology, Virtual Plant, is a key component of GIZIL’s offerings, providing holistic solutions for planning, scheduling, quality management, cost control, material movement, and shop floor operations in the tank terminal industry.

Region / Standort: Düsseldorf

Weitere Informationen zum Unternehmen unter: https://gizilenerji.com/